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Globle Solution for Local Requirements

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Solution Overview

Mission – GEOID Information Technologies (GIT) is committed to bringing the best customizable, user-friendly and cheapest GPS experience to individual users, transporters, passengers and consumers, island wide through its innovative software and hardware offers.

Specializing in GPS Tracking and Fleet Management for all kinds of vehicles

Benefits of Implementing a GPS System

Reduced fuel expenses

Lower insurance rates

Increased driver productivity

Improved customer service

Route verification

What we can offer with GPS?

Did you Know?

Commercial vehicles emits 25% of greenhouse gases

Monitor vehicle maintenance to improve KML by 25%

1 hour of idling = roughly 2.25 L of fuel wasted

Reducing speed by 10 KPH = 8% increase in KPL

GPS dispatch and navigation = 200 less Kms/week

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