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Personal Plan

  • GPS for Individaul Users
  • Web and Mobile Application
  • "Plug and Play" Tech
  • Reduce Insurance Burdens
  • 24/7 Online Service

Economy Plan

  • GPS for Small Businesses
  • SaaS Application
  • Free Customization*
  • 24/7 Online Service
  • Less Monthly Subscription

Demand Plan

  • GPS for Large Businesses
  • SaaS Application
  • More Customized Reports
  • Fleet Management Plugins*
  • Less Monthly Subscription

Unlimited Plan

  • GPS as a Special Package
  • Cloud Application
  • High Security
  • No Monthly Subscription
  • 24/7 Online Service*

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About Us

GEOID Information Technologies is a IT Solutions providing company based in Sri Lanka with its subsidiaries, The Cube Web Hosting (PVT) LTD and Genius Software Engineering Solutions LTD in UK.

Company was founded by a group of professionals with previous records involved in monitoring, troubleshooting, implementing and manufacturing of GPS fleet management systems and customizable software solutions related to fleet management.

We employ highly qualified software development engineers; however, as a company registered in Sri Lanka, we can provide our clients with the security and operational development framework they require.

With over few years of work, we have developed a range of solutions and gained ample experience in the services we offer: Mobile Software Development, E-commerce Solutions Development, Security Solutions Development and GIS Application Development. Over past years, we have Successfully completed different kinds of projects; and we specialize in automation of business processes used by our clients.

GEOID products enable dependable and low-cost tracking and monitoring solutions for the security and remote management of assets over land, sea and air.

Our Goal
Our specialists have identified so many issues in current solutions given in the local GPS and RFID related industry. Our ultimate goal is to provide customer oriented solutions to minimize those issues offering effective service.

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