All starts here. Your fleet management system is kept alive by many cutting-edge technologies that are collaborated in one tiny device which you call the GPS tracker. Locating, sensing, controlling and finally, the data transferring are happening at the same time within seconds.

Geoid helps you to find the best match for your hardware requirement. We provide you only the most cost effective but well recognized hardware models which are imported from four different countries. Geoid oblige with the rules and regulations from the Government of Sri Lanka. Therefore, the customer is also required to be agreed with the following conditions prior to the hardware installation.

Obligations of Customer

  1. Customer must provide the vehicle registration copy in order to get necessary approval from Ministry of Defence prior to the hardware installation.
  2. Customer should agree with the ISO procedure followed by Geoid Technical Support Team during the hardware installation.
  3. Customer shall not remove, replace, modify, sell or tamper with the GPS Tracking Equipment installed on Vehicles.
  4. Customer shall display the Identification Sticker provided by Service Provider obliging to the display instructions given and customer shall not remove the said Sticker without prior approval from the Service Provider.
  5. Customer shall be responsible for any National Security lapses caused by the misuse of the services provided by the Service Provider.
  6. Customer shall permit the Service Provider to give access to the GPS data collected of Customer to the Ministry of Defence.