The wastage due to poor temperature management during transportation creates a significant financial loss in agricultural and fishing industries. Dome temperature sensitive items like pharmaceuticals and dairy products are required to be kept in ideal temperature to maintain the quality. Temperature control plays an important role in fast moving consumer goods transportation.

Geoid provides you the ultimate temperature monitoring solution which enables you to analyze temperature data and to receive notifications in order to take corrective actions.


  • Support for post harvesting technologies.
  • Support for corrective actions for issues regarding temperature variations.
  • Support for quality control of temperature sensitive goods.
  • Prevents wastages due to lack of supervision in temperature control of perishable cargo.

Markets Served

  • Perishable cargo transporters
  • FMCG transporters
  • Ice cream and dairy products manufacturers
  • Poultry farming companies
  • Agricultural businesses
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Fast food chains

Temperature Monitoring for Freezer Trucks

The system comprises an effective alerting mechanism for a combination of incidents like high temperature and door opening. We provide customized temperature monitoring panels to the client’s requirement which indicates the status of multiple vehicles at once.

Multiple Sensor Combinations with Temperature

A sensor combination with door sensor, fuel sensor, A/C detection and driver identification can be provided according to your operational requirement. It allows you to generate informative charts like fuel consumption with temperature variations.